INFOFISH World Shrimp Trade Conference and Exposition

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Date(s) - 12/11/2019 - 14/11/2019


Where: JW Marriott Hotel Bangkok, Thailand

Global production of farmed shrimp is estimated at between 2.9 million MT and 3.5 million MT, with Asian producers – China, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam – sharing 75-85% of the total volume. Following moderate recovery in the sector in Thailand and Mexico, and expanded vannamei farming focused in China, India, Indonesia and Vietnam, overall production is expected to be positive in 2018.

Driven by environmental and social factors, as well as the recurrent disease outbreaks in shrimp farming, the focus now is towards sustainability. With the various challenges faced by the shrimp industry, there is a need to properly identify and promote systems that will lead to sustainable development. Knowledge of credible standards and regulations of different importing/exporting countries is of paramount importance to facilitate compliance and harmonious trade. Further, opportunities to strengthen international co-operation on technical, policy and trade issues on global shrimp industry must be highlighted.

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